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Kassidee brings many benefits to our users. But a bit like love benefits are in the eye of the beholder. So here is a snap shot of the benefits from the various users perspectives.


Young handicapped pilot

Give your clients the professional support they deserve

  • Give an accurate picture of client expenditure allowing them to manage their own budgets.
  • Generate a client timetable for each client.
  • Have a detailed list of the clients medical details and restrict this to only those who need to know.
  • Clients goals can be recorded and track so you are helping your client get what they desire from your services.

Employees / Support Workers

  • Quick and easy to get to the information you need to get the job done.
  • Direct access to all the every day reports.
  • Capture all your daily progress notes in minutes and report on goal progress.
  • You only see the menus you have permission to making it simple to get around the system.
  • Quite intuitive, minimising training and reducing data entry errors.
  • Great for staff with low computer literacy skills.
Staff assisting client

Make your staffs job a pleasure.


Kassidee Administration is pain free.

Kassidee takes the pain out of running your business.

  • Comprehensive permissions structure that allows you to limit individual users to both what sections they see and what data they see in that section.
  • Use the language your staff are already use to. You can change the names of menus and key fields to use the name you are use to in your organisation.
  • The administrator has full control of each item in the Kassidee option lists. No need to come back to Intechrity to add a new value.
  • You can create brand new reports and make them available to every one in your organisation at the click of a button.
  • Standard Microsoft setup - your IT staff already know what to do
  • Fully scalable from a single laptop to thousands of users.


  • Powerful reporting that allows you to build you own custom reports to answer any question you may have .
  • Know exactly what incidents are occurring in your organisation and which ones need your attention.
  • Review client progress and control what type of progress records your staff are keeping.
  • Measure profitability of the programs your are running.
  • Easily produce staff timetables.
  • Quickly find staff replacement staff when the staff member is sick or on leave.
  • Automate your reporting saving you time and giving you useful information to make business decisions.
  • Kassidee reporting produces data that is ready to send to DHS and ADHC without any further manipulation.
Kassidee helps you manage your business.

Have everything you need at your fingertips.