Employee Management

Employee Management

There are many aspects to managing staff. Let Kassidee simplify things for you.

The Staff Module enables you to record key data relevant to each staff member. Information such as contact details, work locations, relevant dates, qualifications, various work preferences, availability and documents that relate to the staff member.

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Like all of the section and many of the fields this section can be renamed to suit your organisation’s language. Below is a brief description of the functionality in each of the tab pages.

Employee Details Information

Allows you to store basic information such as their name, title, sex, phone numbers and driver’s license.

Address Details

Home address details.

Location Details

Many organisations have many locations where their employees work. This section allows you to record their primary location and a list of any others locations they are available to work at.

Key Dates

Start Date, resigned date, birthday and some info on why they resigned or left the organisation.

HR Items

This tab is only visible to administrators and store the position number, classification, award etc. as well as some general notes.

Office Items

Space for some general notes as well as PIP details.


Emergency contact details.

Manage Resource Groups

This tab is common across all resources and defines the resource name and the group permissions. Groups allow you to control your users’ access to data at a record by record level.

Connect Related Resources

This tab is common across all resources. It enables you to relate resources in Kassidee. For instance you may have a car in the related resources of an employee.

Note Employee Preferences

This tab allows you to capture the preferences of your employees. Allowing you to set preference such as which clients they prefer and who they do not want to service. You can define the employee’s availability, whether or not they are on work duties and their gender preference.

File and Retrieve Employee Documents

This tab is common to all resources. It allows you to keep a list of documents that are related to this employee. The user can then double click on a document and it will be opened in the appropriate application. If you are using SharePoint to manage your documents you can put the SharePoint link in this tab. You can also put a picture in here and click the icon check box and this picture is displayed on the Resource tab.

Integrated Google Maps

This displays the employees address on Google Maps and offers directions.


Allows a record to be kept of all employee qualifications. These can be referenced by the preferences section to enable a matching of employees to services.

Flexible Permissions

Got a number of regions or office locations? Kassidee has you covered with flexible permissions group capabilities to ensure each staff member or client see only what they need to.

Quickly find the data you want.

Quickly find the data you want.

Quick Links

Sick of having to drill down through multiple screens to get to the data you need. Kassidee has been designed to have everything just a click away. The simple, intuitive user interface makes it easy to find the information you are looking for with minimal effort.

Build your own reports

Getting data out of a system is just as important as putting the data in. Kassidee comes with a very powerful reporting tool that allows you to get access to all the data in the Kassidee system and build your own custom reports. You will be able to run your business the way you want to and change it as new needs arise.

Customisable reports

Build your own Reports.