Part of the secret to making Kassidee so easy to use is in how simple it is to customise.

Kassidee is a very flexible and customisable application. Administrators are able to change the name of any or all of the menu items and many of the key form fields. This enables you to set up Kassidee to use the same language your organisation is use to using. Kassidee also allows you to define the data in most of the look up lists, allowing you to set the data up in exactly the manner your organisation requires. 

Kassidee has a comprehensive permissions structure. For those who require tight permissions you can limit a user to any combination of modules and then further to only a subset of the data in that module. All this is done in a way that still makes it simple for the organisation that only requires a very simple permissions structure.

Manage Display Text

Change the name of any of the menus and many of the fields in Kassidee to suit the language you use in your organisation. There is no need to reeducate every one!

Set user permissions

Add new users and set up their permissions. Kassidee allows you to set permissions down to the individual record level.

Set option list entries

Through out Kassidee you will see many option lists where the user is restricted to only enter predefined data in that field. The Admin section allows you to set up all of these option lists so they are specific to your organisation.


Branding is important. Kassidee Allows you to use your logo on the Kassidee application.

Manage cash book auto update

Schedule entries that have fees assigned to them can have those fees automatically added to the appropriate cash books. The admin section is where you can set this up to occur on a daily basis or if you like you can run it manually when you have validated all the entries.

Options per section

Each section of Kassidee has its own option lists and in some cases specific settings. These are all controlled by the administrator in this Admin section.

One Stop Shop

With Kassidee you can manage your clients, your employees, your programs, your facilities and your finances. All in the one place. We like to keep things simple.

Report Templates

Reuse all your current Word and Excel reports.

Report Templates

Do you have many Excel and Word documents that you have spent many hours setting up to facilitate your various reporting requirements. Well with Kassidee you can still use these but you will no longer have to type the data in by hand. With a few days work you can convert those Excel and Word documents to templates that IRM will then use to load with data from Kassidee. The result looks the same but you no longer need to type the data in twice!

Auto Update Your Website

If you have a website you use to communicate data to your clients and staff Kassidee can help you automate the updating of that data. Just set up a scheduled IRM batch job and it will get the latest data out of Kassidee and send it to the website.

Website Auto Update.

Update data on your website automatically.