Manage your client rosters, staff rosters and program timetables all in one place. Automatically manage fees for each of your programs.

Scheduling is a very powerful and flexible tool that enables you to group resources together, add fees and progress entries and assign them all to a specific scheduled item. A scheduled item has a start and end time and is assigned to a program. You are able select any individual schedule and quickly turn it into a series of schedule items that occur at a regular interval over a specified time frame.

Recurring entries

If you are familiar with Microsoft Outlook then you will find Kassidee Scheduling a breeze. You can add recurring entries with any pattern you like ranging from days through to years. You can then go to any of those recurring entries and make a change to only it and it becomes an exception to the recurring series.

The system will show you all the entries that belong to the current series and all entries that are the same as the one you currently have selected. You can then ask it to make changes to only ones that are the same as me or to all entries in a series.

Double booked or missing resources

The scheduling tool analyses your schedule items and will inform you if you have double booked resources or if resources are missing or unconfirmed. This allows you to quickly see where you are missing an employee in one of your tasks or an employee has been scheduled to be in two places at the same time.

Graphical calendar and datasheet view

Schedules can be viewed as both a calendar or in detail mode where all the fields can be seen and edited. Whilst in calendar mode you can drag and drop calendar entries to change their time or date.

Automated fees

The Scheduling System is linked to the Cash Management System enabling it to automatically add fees for schedule items that have been completed. Each schedule item consists of a list of fees for each of the resources. These fees are then added to the Cashbooks that belong to that resource. This enables you to very easily manage each individual clients budgets and see how their actual expenditure is tracking against their funding.

Shuffle Board

Another powerful tool in the scheduling section of Kassidee is the Shuffle Board. It enables you to quickly move scheduled items between employees in the case where someone calls in sick or a client wishes to reschedule their service.

Reporting / Rosters

When combined with the Intechrity Report Master (IRM) you can produce all your client and employee rosters at the click of a button. But it doesn’t stop here, IRM can be used to interrogate your programs and see if you have missing resources or other issues that need to be addressed.

Staff and Client Attendance

Manage all your staff and client attendance records from the Scheduling System. It is a simple matter of changing the status if a client did not turn up to a program.


Templates are at the core of the Scheduling System. They allow you to set up a standard schedule item for each of your program types. you then use this when entering the specific programs through out the year. It defines what type of resources that program contains, how many resources, what fees should be charged (if any) for each of these resources and what documentation is to be recorded against that schedule item.

Comprehensive filtering

If you are anything like our other users the scheduling system will have thousands of entries in it to help you manage your every day business. Kassidee Scheduling has comprehensive filtering to allow you to see on the schedule items you need to see and work on.

Take your Future in Your Hands

Intechrity have developed the Kassidee system over the past 7 or more years in close collaboration with the Aged and disability care sector. Many of the features of the Kassidee system have been developed in response to requests and ideas from our clients. If you join the Kassidee family you too will have that same opportunity to mold the future of Kassidee to meet your specific needs. We value the input from our users and get great satisfaction in meeting their needs in ways that even surprise them.

Minimal training

So simple to use almost no training required.

Minimal Training Required

We have found that Kassidee is so easy to use that after just a couple of training sessions all of your staff will be up and running on the system. We run with a model of support where we train an expert who knows everything about the system. They can then support your staff and if they don’t know the answer they come back to us. We find this works best for everyone!

Fully Scalable System

You can run Kassidee on a Laptop or have it serving 100’s or even 1000’s of users across 10’s locations. Actually the sky is the limit. Just add more hardware if you have a rapidly growing organisation. The software is fully scalable.

Scalable Architecture

A system that will grow as you grow.