General Resources

General Resources

Kassidee calls everything a resources. This gives you the power to manage anything in your organisation. From a car to a mobile phone!

The General Resources Module contains the Location Management, the Motor Vehicle Management, Service Management and Resource Events. It also contains Other Resources which enables it to record information about any resource you may need to manage.

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Each of the resources defined below can have permissions assigned to them, be related to other resources and have documents attached.

Location Management

Location name, branch, address details and contact number.

Motor Vehicle Management

Rego no, Make, model, engine capacity, rego expiry, insurance details.

Service Management

This section allows you to setup the services that you provide to your customers, assigning each service a charge rate and any number of work types. You define the work types, typical values are heavy, light, personal care etc. Service name, charge rate and work type.

Other Resource Management

This is a general section allowing you to record information about any type of resource. You could list electrical appliances, computers or any other item you can think of. Name, type of resource and description.

Resource Event

This section allows you to record an event against any resource. A resource could be your client, an employee, a car, a location, a service or any of the resources you have created. An event could be a phone call, an email, a service to a car or any number of user defined events. Events record when the event occurred and if there is any follow up required with a date for the required follow up. They can also be associated with a particular schedule item in the scheduling section.

Share Your Data with Your Other Systems

Even though we’d all love to have everything done by just the one system we know you will have accounting packages and other systems that you want to interface with. The flexible reporting tool, IRM, that comes with Kassidee makes this simple. You will be able to get your data out of Kassidee and into the system of your choice in minutes with no data corruption or risk of translation error.

Industry standard platforms

Built to support your business.

Industry Standard Platforms

Kassidee is built on Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Office. Both proven platforms in the business arena. This means it is reliable and secure! It is also easily integrated into your current IT environment. 

Simple to Maintain and Support

Because Kassidee is built using industry standard Microsoft products IT support staff are already very familiar with the platforms and know what they need to to support them.

Kassidee is easy to support

You’ll Find Kassidee very simple to support in your IT environment.