Progress Notes

Progress Notes

Keep an every day record of each clients progress and measure how they are tracking against there own specified goals.

Kassidee has a dedicated module for recording progress notes against clients. It allows you to assign ‘Life Areas’ to the progress notes and make comments. You can also track clients goals and rate their progress against each goal. Supervisors can then go in and review the notes and mark them as read.

(Please note the addition of goals is a recent addition and is not captured in the video or screen shot)


The name of the client for this progress note.

Date and Time

The date and time the progress note was recorded for.


A list of each of the goals that are relevant to the current progress note and a rating to show how they are going with that goal.

Life Areas

These are related to goals or can be entered separately.

Progress Notes

This is where you record the progress note. You can specify templates that ask specific questions that you want your staff to comment on when preparing progress notes.

Notes Reviewed By

Progress notes need to be reviewed by management and a track record kept of who reviewed it when. The progress notes reader enables you to filter for the notes you need to review, read those notes and then mark them as read.

Attractive Pricing

A once off purchase price and then a simple user based subscription to ensure you get all the updates and support you need. We have based our pricing on the total number of users so that no one is ever locked out because there are too many people connected. And there are no extra modules you need to purchase. You get all of Kassidee’s features from day one!

Industry standard platforms

All your computers update automatically when there is a new release.

Simple Auto Update Procedure

Subscribers get free upgrades for life. You will always be using the latest version of Kassidee. Kassidee will check if it is the latest version and if it is not it will update itself without any user intervention. You also get to test the latest release of Kassidee in your own Kassidee test environment before it is released to the production environment. this gives you the chance to ensure all the updates you receive will continue to support you in running your business.

Company Wide and Shared Reports

Create your own reports and then share them with a selected group of people or everyone else in your organisation. This way you can have some standard reports that everyone has access to and some specialised reports that only specific groups can see. This makes it easy to set up report for the finances department that can not be seen by the client management group etc.

Flexible Reporting

Flexible reporting that you can customise.