Client Management

Client Information

Keep all you client information in the one place.

The Clients Module enables you to record key data relevant to each client. Information such as medical details, allergies, disability details, contact details, goals and documents that relate to the client.

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Like all of the section and many of the fields this section can be renamed to suit your organisation’s language. Below is a brief description of the functionality in each of the tab pages.

Client Personal Information

Client’s personal details such as name, date of birth, sex etc. as well as address details.

Record Multiple Contacts

All contacts relating to the client and there contact details.

Manage Medical Information

Allows any number of medical records to be kept for the client detailing medical history, medications, treatments, behavioural issues and management strategies.

Note any Allergies

Any number of allergies defining type and giving room for general description.

Record Dissability Details

Listing of the disability details defining the type, severity and description.

Keep Track of Competency

This tab is used to define the clients competency level any number of user defined areas. Allows you to select a competency type and define the clients’ level of competency per type.

And many other details too!

Contains various miscellaneous fields such as Medicare number, ambulance membership, income source, language spoken etc.

Manage Resource Groups

This tab is common across all resources and defines the resource name and the group permissions. Groups allow you to control your users’ access to data at a record by record level.

Connect Related Resources

This tab is common across all resources. It enables you to relate resources in Kassidee. For instance you may have a car in the related resources of an employee.

Establish Resource Goals

This is the location you can store the clients goals along with their target date, completion date and a rating to define how well they achieved the goal. You can assign life areas to each of the goals which is utilised when reporting to the government bodies.

Note Client Preferences

This tab allows you to capture the preferences of your clients. Allowing you to set preference such as which employees they prefer and who they do not want to service them. You can also capture information about what qualifications the employees need to service the client and when the client is available for service.

File and Retrieve Client Documents

This tab is common to all resources. It allows you to keep a list of documents that are related to this client. The user can then double click on a document and it will be opened in the appropriate application. If you are using SharePoint to manage your documents you can put the SharePoint link in this tab. You can also put a picture in here and click the icon check box and this picture is displayed on the Resource tab.

Manage Client Service Contracts

In most cases you will have a contract for each client you service with a particular Agency. You can store this info here. You can also then create scheduled events to service that client that are related to the service agreement from this tab.

Integrated Google Maps

This displays the clients address on Google Maps and offers directions.

Kassidee Makes It Easy

Kassidee is packed with special features to make administration a breeze. We make Kassidee so intuitive and easy to use that you’ll require less training time and enjoy not having to manage corrections. It’s a breeze compared with other similar products.

Client Management Software that helps you fit all the pieces together.

Client Management Software that helps you fit all the pieces together.

All in one solution

Our clients find they have everything at their fingertips with Kassidee. Gone are the days of multiple systems and duplicate data. 

Easy to Use

We’ve had teenagers all the way up to 70 year olds comment on how easy it is to use Kassidee.  Our focus has been to make a system that doesn’t need big training manuals. After all, who ever reads them!  Kassidee just works right out of the box. You’ll be streamlining the way your business operates from day one.

Easy to Use

So easy to use. It’s a perfect fit.