Kassidee Reporting

IRM Reporting

Use one of our standard reports or build your own. Everything in Kassidee is at your finger tips. Need a new report, no problems just build it yourself.

It’s great to be able to efficiently record so much specific data but what is the reporting like? Well we have good news! As well as having some built in specialised reports, like the Incident Report, Kassidee comes with Intechrity Report Master (IRM).

IRM allows you to select any combination of the data in each of the Kassidee modules and produce your own customised reports. You can select which fields you want to see and set the filtering to narrow your results down to just the data you need. You can even make your own expressions to combine fields and perform calculations.

Build your own reports

Choose any number of fields out of each section of the Kassidee system to form the basis of your new report. Then add some filtering to restrict the results to just what you want to see. Every field in the Kassidee system is available to the IRM tool.

Comprehensive filtering

Each report can have any number of filters. This way you can use the same report to return the results for the current week, current month or current quarter just by changing the filter you use when running the report.

Wide variety of output types

IRM is capable of sending your data to a number of different output formats. These include, preview (view on screen), PDF, Excel, Word, email, printer and FTP to a remote server of website.

Run Batch reports

String a group of reports together and run them all at once. Combine this with the Windows Task Manager and you can have IRM automatically open up, run a set of reports and close again. This is great for sending out regular emails or updating a website with the latest information from Kassidee.

Custom Expressions

Expressions allow you to combine fields or perform calculations on your fields. You can then use them in your report output or your filtering. This opens up another whole world for IRM report users and enables your to solve your most complex reporting needs.

Utilize your existing reports

Do you have a group of Word or Excel reports that you currently manually fill in? IRM allows you to use books marks in these reports and have them automatically filled in from IRM. No translation errors and a huge savings in time!

Kassidee Reporting Permissions Limited

The IRM reporting tool will follow all the permissions you have set up in Kassidee. This means you can set up a client report as a company wide report but your staff will only be able to report on clients they have access to see. We know some client information can be very sensitive, Kassidee gives you peace of mind that only those people who need to see the data will see it.

Create your own resources

Create your own resources to manage whatever you need to.

Create Your Own Resources

Kassidee calls every thing a resource and resources are where you store your data. Some standard resources are clients, employees, locations, motor vehicles etc. But it doesn’t stop there. Kassidee allows you to create your own resources so you can store information on anything you need to. You could store all your mobile phones, which plans they are on and when they are up for renewal in a resource. Resources can then be used in a schedule and be assigned to other resources.

SQL Server Integration

SQL Server is  a powerful database platform developed by Microsoft. It is where Kassidee stores all your data. It supports regular backups to ensure your data is never lost. It also has a comprehensive permissions structure that Kassidee utilises to ensure no one can get in an  access your data.

SQL Server Integration

Enjoy the power of SQL Server