Cash Management

Cash Management

Manage individual client budgets, group budgets and company expenses all in the one place.

Most organisations have the need to manage finances.

Kassidee enables each resource (Client, Staff, Motor Cars etc.) to have its own separate set of cashbooks.

You may have any number of cash books per resource. A cash book keeps a record of deposits and expenses and allows you to place them in categories.


This is an automatic date stamp but can be changed when initially entered.


This is an automatic time stamp but can be changed when initially entered.


Every entry must have a category. Balance check is a system defined category. Once a balance check has been entered no entries before that point can be changed.


General description field.


Can enter receipt details here.

Cost Code

The system allows you to setup a list of cost codes that can then be used against entries in the Cash Management section.


This is automatically entered when you are working with a cashbook that belongs to a client or can be manually entered if not.

Staff / Employee

This field is automatically entered by the system based on the current user.


Debit dollar amount.


Credit dollar amount.


The system calculates the balance for you and keeps a running total.

Australian Support

Kassidee has been developed locally to support the unique needs and requirements of our aged and disability services community. we have spent many years walking along side the industry and we love to make life easier where ever we can. Our local support will not only help you with any issues you have using the system but we will also get beside you and help you solve any business issues you may be having that the Kassidee system could solve for you.


We’ve already built it but feel free to change some of the pieces!

Easy Customisation

When you take on a new system you are expecting to make some changes to the way you do things but we want to minimise the pain of change. Kassidee allows you to rename many of the key fields and all of the menus so that you can continue to use the language you are use to. It also allows you to build your own resources to store information on what ever it is you require to manage.

Remote Access

Using the windows remote access technology you can get access to your Kassidee system from any where in the world.

Remote Access

Access Kassidee from anywhere